Broader sector initiatives

To support the work of specific community-based senior’s services programs (see program profiles), many organizations are a part of broader sector initiatives and collaborations. These sector-wide initiatives help to leverage resources, to enhance programs’ reach, and to improve services for seniors in individual regions.

These sector-wide initiatives often involve community-based seniors’ services partnering with municipalities (or regional districts), health authorities, transit authorities and/or other key stakeholders. The following sector profiles provide examples of larger scale sector initiatives and collaborations which support the work of community-based seniors’ services.

Sector Profile: Arts & Health Project

The Arts & Health Project is a partnership between Vancouver Coastal Health’s SMART Fund Program and the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation to provide community-engaged arts programming in Vancouver. Read the full profile here.

Sector Profile: Moving Together Project

The Moving Together Project recognizes the systemic and cross-sectoral challenges of providing transportation in the West and Central Kootenays, and has brought together a broad range of stakeholders to address seniors’ transportation in the region. Read the full profile here.

Sector Profile: Strategic Health Alliance

The Strategic Health Alliance is a joint partnership between the City of Kamloops and Interior Health to promote lifelong health and fitness, and improve the health of people with chronic conditions. Read the full profile here.

Sector Profile: Partnerships and Memorandums of Understanding (MOU): City of Surrey Senior Services

The City of Surrey uses Memorandums of Understanding with not-for-profit community organizations as a tool  to support collaborative efforts that enhance programming and increase access to municipally run community centres for seniors who might not otherwise use these facilities. Read the full profile here.

Sector Profile: Port Alberni: Partnerships to Promote Activity Participation

Port Alberni utilizes formal and informal partnerships to promote participation in fitness programs and other social, recreational and educational activities for older adults living in the Vancouver Island city. The City of Port Alberni Parks and Recreation Department, Echo Sunshine Club, Island Health’s Community Health Services Health and Wellness, and Port Alberni Better at Home are all working to promote activity participation for older adults. Read the full profile here.