Regional Community Consultation Meetings

Seven regional meetings were held across B.C. in Spring 2017.The Raising the Profile Team presented the research and results of the work so far and worked with each regional community to identify ways to effectively support and sustain the Community-based Seniors’ Services Sector in B.C. for the long-term.

Summaries of Consultations

Consultation Report

Presentations made at the Consultations

(PDFs of Powerpoint slides)

Graphic Summaries from Victoria Meeting

Graphic Summary Victoria
Graphic Summary Victoria
Graphic Summary Victoria

Notes from each Regional Meeting

Who participated?

Organizations, local government reps and community leaders advocating for and providing community-based seniors services. This includes:

  1. Leaders in non-profit organizations that have a mandate focused entirely on supporting, engaging and providing services to seniors;
  2. Leaders in non-profit organizations with significant programs for seniors;
  3. Organizations managing Better at Home programs;
  4. Seniors managers and directors of municipal recreational programs for seniors;
  5. Leaders from Divisions of Family Practice, especially where they are working in close collaboration with services described in 1-4;
  6. Health Authority representation, especially individuals working in collaboration with 1-4;
  7. Community-based advocates for coordinated and collaborative responses to aging populations and the needs of seniors;
  8. Library, city, and non-profit staff active in supporting seniors in the community; and
  9. Community leaders, elders, seniors and volunteers committed to age-friendly and dementia-friendly strategies.

We also want to ensure these meetings engage communities and leaders in the work of Raising the Profile that have not yet had a chance to connect with the project. Specifically, we would like to reach out to and include leaders and elders from First Nations and Aboriginal communities, and very small rural communities around the province.

Event and Project outcomes


  • To provide potential and existing collaborations among community-based seniors’ services within regions with key research that supports and inspires.
  • To build sector recommendations for change that appropriately reflect the needs of stakeholders around the province.


  • To ensure the aims of the Raising the Profile Project are accurately reflecting the needs and interests of the sector by providing the Project with clarity about regional differences and aspirations.
  • To ensure the value and voices of community-based seniors’ services are included in provincial and federal strategies to address our aging population and health care systems design needs.


  • Community programs that promote health and prevent demands on acute care resources are appropriately supported throughout the province.
  • Seniors in BC will have choices, services and support to age in place with dignity, no matter where they live or what their personal circumstance.