Provincial Summit on Aging

Summit Report

Provincial Summit on Aging: Report on Key Learnings & Next Steps

Provincial Summit on Aging: Report on Key Learnings & Next Steps [Printable Version]

November 2 & 3, 2017

Goals of the Summit

  • Highlight the findings and recommendations from the seven community consultations organized by the Raising the Profile Project in the Spring of 2017.
  • Present our declaration, signed by key stakeholders and decision makers that recognizes the importance of community‐based health promotion and prevention work, and the accomplishments and key strategies that continue to strengthen the Community-Based Seniors’ Services (CBSS) sector.  The declaration framework will include a statement of guiding principles that articulate the value of the CBSS sector and will incorporate concrete commitments to move this work forward.


Declaration of the Community-Based Seniors’ Services Sector of BC


The City of Surrey, in partnership with:

  • Raising the Profile Project
  • Active Aging Research Team at Centre for Hip Health and Mobility
  • United Way’s Better at Home Program
  • BC Recreation and Parks Association
  • BC Ministry of Health

Who is Attending?

The Summit will be an invitational event for leaders from across the province, including:

  • Executive directors and managers of CBSS organizations
  • Regional and provincial organizations that support CBSS
  • Community foundations
  • The private sector
  • Municipal and provincial government representatives
  • Seniors who are community leaders
  • Researchers working on seniors’ wellness initiatives


The results from the Summit will be broadly shared through various communication channels, including in community meetings around the province following the Summit.

For more information about the Summit, contact us.